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Francesco Varrà


Chi sono

I decided to became a consultant because I wanna be free, free to achieve my result and to strive for excellence.
During my experience this passion was usally highly appreciated by my customers.
Another reason who bring me to become a Temporary Export Manager is the challenge; indeed for me, every time is how to face a challenge for pull up the company to a successfull florid future.

Aree e Attività

My current occupation is: consultant for business internationalization .

My activity consist of different aspects involved in business life;

From economic and financial analysis, both current and perspective, with the subsequent production of business plan;

To the most marketing and communications aspects, in order to optimize the  communications features and tools, with the focus on the "target" country;

Not leaving aside the legal issues, primarily related to the drafting of contracts and its related conditions, letters of credit, and copyright;

Last but not least, the support offered during the planning phase, with the aim to facilitate access to direct and indirect European funds, analyzing in detail all the various issues that arise.


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