SharePro: la rete di professionisti che facilita il tuo lavoro


What is Sharepro?

Sharepro is a web portal addressed to specialists and managers who need to move from their office to another one and who want, at the same time, to widen their visibility on the national and international territory. Briefly, with Sharepro you can:
a) raise your visibility thanks to a personalised web page,
b) make available for other specialists or companies, free or pay workplace for a limited period (a day, a week, a month).

How does it work SharePro?

It is possible to register free of charge for a limited test period. After, the provision of the service will be paid by an annual subscription. With the registration you create your own personal profile; once you filled out all fields, you will have a personalised link with your professional sheet. Subsequently, it is possible to insert the workplace(s) to share with other specialists. When you add the workplace you can also indicate: place, price, availability in short and long term. Once you had confirmed your data insertion, your profile is immediately visible in “SEARCH A SPECIALIST” area, while the workplace is visible in “SEARCH A WORKPLACE”.

All the function of SharePro will be available also through a specific APP.

Can I utilise SharePro without registration?

Yes, SharePro is also a web portal that allows the users to search the specialist they need, or a workplace in order to work in a different city. With few clicks it is possible to find a specialist near the geographical area you indicate, or find an office for a work meeting or send e-mails or print documents.

How much is SharePro registration after the test period?

From 09/01/2016 for the users WITHOUT VOUCHER and from 03/01/2017 for the users WITH VOUCHER it is possible to use services offered by this Site for a consideration, by paying the ANNUAL sum of euro 50,00 (fifty/00 euro). The annual renewal of the registration is not automatic. For more information visit: Terms and Conditions