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What are Cookies and how we use them?

A Cookie is a text file stored on computers, tablets, mobile phones and used to browse the Internet. It can store the navigation information of the user and his preferences. Some Cookies can be used, as we will see below, to make browsing easier and to customize your experience on our website. When you use our website you will be identified thanks to Cookies. They also can set out which parts of our website are the most visited and help us to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising and to analyse user behaviour in order to improve our communication and products.
During browsing we may collect information about the traffic flow and the visits of our website pages. Any information obtained through Cookies will be, treated and stored safely.
The purpose of Cookie is to personalise your access to the website, optimizing, navigation and operation of the site, improve our services and provide content and/or advertisement related to user preferences by analysing your browsing habits.
Sharepro S.r.l (hereinafter “Sharepro”) respects the provisions of the Code regarding the protection of personal data (“Data protection code”), as amended by Legislative Decree 28 May 2012 No 69, in the transposition of European directive 2009/136/EC.

Types of cookie

Cookies could be classified in:
- Session Cookies: they are removed when the user closes the browser and therefore they have a limited duration;
- Permanent Cookies: they remains on your browser for a specified time. These Cookies have typical expiration dates and, therefore, it depends on how long the visited website has programmed the Cookies to last;
- First party Cookies and third-parties Cookies: first party Cookies belong to the owner of the website, third-parties Cookies belong to other parties.

1. Strictly necessary Cookies

For our websites and other on line services we use the following Cookies categories:
These Cookies are essential for the proper functioning of our website and to use and/or improve functions and the services required.
Without these Cookies is not possible, for example, to manage user authentication, access to the private area of the website, purchases, e-invoicing and the creation of a purchase order.

2. Analytics Cookies

In accordance with Directive 2009/136/EC, implemented by Legislative Decree 28 May 2012 No 69, and the provision of the Guarantor for the protection of personal data relating to “Identification of simplified procedures for the information and the acquisition of consent for the use of Cookies” 8 May 2014, published in Official Gazette No. 126 of 3 June 2014, Cookies, that are essential for the proper functioning of a website, can be used without the prior user’s consent, without prejudice to the disclosure requirement in accordance with Article 13 of Italian Privacy Code.
These Cookies allow us to improve our web sites by monitoring and analysing users’ behaviour and creating their profiles in order to make improvements to our websites that make browsing easier. For examples, the Analytics Cookies can help us to keep track of which pages you visit frequently, what are the user’s preferences, which products have already been shown to avoid that they are replicated, if the advertisement is successful or not, whether and which difficulties the user may encounter by using the site.
In order to analyse website arrangements for using, Sharepro also makes use of web analytics service “Google Analytics” provided by Google. In particular, Google Analytics uses Cookies (whether temporary or permanent) in order to collect anonymously information about the use of our web site (including IP addresses). These information will be transmitted from the user’s browser to Google servers located in the United States. The information collected will be used by Google to evaluate the use of the website, to fill out reports on website activities that are useful to the operators in order to provide other services related to website activity and Internet usage. Google could be transfer these information to third parties where it is required by law or where third parties process the information on Google’s behalf.
Google adheres to the principles contained in the agreement Safe Harbour Privacy between EU and US, establishing secure and shared rules for processing personal data, towards companies located on American territory. For more information about Save Harbour Normative please click here (US Department of Commerce).
These data cannot personally identify the user: All data are aggregated and as such anonymous.
More information about Google analytics service and about procedures to be followed in order to disable Cookies could be found in the following links:

3. Advertising Cookies and behavioural targeting

These Cookies are utilised by Sharepro to collect data on browsing behaviour and user preferences in order to develop a specific profile to improve the personalization of commercial offer, to complete market researches or for distance selling.

4. Third-parties Cookies and Social media Cookies

In online pay services, these cookies are a valuable tool and they allow Sharepro for improving his product, provision of more effective services close to user’s needs.
The user can refuse to utilize these cookies by using opt-out situated in the setting page of your browser or on the basis of the below.
Our website can allow to use third parties Cookies that could collect information about user’s displacement on Internet, in particular:

Cookies management

At any moment, the user can refuse to accept all or some of the Cookies used on this web site in any of the following ways.

Cookies management for marketing purposes

At any moment, the user can refuse to accept all or some of the Cookies used on this web site in any of the following ways.

Google Analytics management

The user can configure his own choices about the use of our Cookies for marketing purposes through the "Management Cookie Consent" form that he will find at the bottom of this statement. The module "Management Cookie Consent" will not be present inside of SaaS services, in which technical cookies are exclusively used. Any user's choice to disable the use of our profiling cookie will prevent further Cookies storing, while the previously installed Cookies on the user's device will continue to be used on your device. If you want to delete all Cookies stored on your device, you can select, on your browser, settings that allow you to reject them.
Each browser has specific configuration instructions. Further information on the procedures to follow to disable cookies can be found on the website of browser provider.

Targeting and third-parties Cookies management

To disable only the use of Google Analytics Cookies the user can use the additional component made available by Google at the link below by following the opt-out procedure described by Google
For more information and / or to disable any targeting and advertising Cookies, the user is asked to visit the following web site:

Data retention

As noted above, the length of the cookies depends on their nature: the Session Cookies expire when the user closes the browser; Persistent Cookies have typical expiration dates that, unless special exceptions, do not exceed 20 years.

Changes to the cookie policy

SharePro S.r.l reserves the right to make amendments to this Cookie Policy. You agree to be bound by any future revisions and you are committed, therefore, to visit periodically this page to be informed about any changes.